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The world of psychedelics is exciting, newly rekindled scientific research in the world of psychedelics have brought people to the forefront of cultural discussion and debate.

Key Points

  • Naturally occurring psychedelics include psilocybin, mescaline, and DMT. Synthetic psychedelics include LSD.
  • Psychedelics mimic serotonin and work as 5-HT2A agonists in the brain. They stimulate receptors largely localized in the association cortex.
  • Psychedelics produce profound alterations in visual perception, ego-boundaries, synesthesia and can lead to profound positive changes in behavior.
  • Side effects of psilocybin include headaches and psychologically agitative experiences in some cases.
  • MDMA can help patients with PTSD by damping down emotional responses and so allowing processing of traumatic memories.
  • In patients with treatment-resistant depression, psilocybin increased amygdala activity, which is the opposite effect of SSRIs.

What mental illnesses are being treated with psychedelics? 

In short, in a controlled and safe environment, psychedelic treatments have been shown sometimes to produce a positive and even lasting behavioral change.

Psychedelic treatments have been shown to have an effect in combating addiction, anxiety related to terminal illness, chronic PTSD, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social anxiety.

Where can I go for psychedelic-assisted therapy? 

Unfortunately, you can not just walk down the street and look for a psychedelic-assisted therapy center. Nevertheless, some of the psychedelics on this list are on the path to being decriminalized, at least for medical uses, around the world.

Because research is highlighting that they do more good than harm, we may see therapies brought into the mainstream. There are places in Jamaica, the Netherlands, and in Latin America that offer psychedelic-assisted therapy. The other way to try out psychedelic-assisted therapy is through becoming part of a clinical trial at a place like the new Johns Hopkins center.

What do you think about the renewed interest in psychedelics?

Why take psychedelics?

There are several reasons why a person may want to take a psychedelic substance.

For one altering consciousness is something humans have been doing for thousands of years.

We all have a need to alter consciousness and we do it every day whether it’s with substances like caffeine and nicotine or foods that we eat. We can also alter our state of consciousness with meditation, exercise, dancing, singing and many other activities.

If we couldn’t alter our experience of consciousness life would be an unlivable mundane experience.

And although we alter our experience of consciousness in small ways on a daily basis we may occasionally want to alter our experience of consciousness in a more profound way.  Psychedelics can help us achieve that.

While psychedelic use can be recreational, I want to focus on the more important reasons for using psychedelics which is for personal and spiritual growth as well as healing & recovery.  

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